Chandan Narayan & Stefan Udell, Father Zosima Presents


Father Zosima Presents…
Chandan Narayan
Stefan Udell
Friday, March 28, 8pm
Access Artist Run CentreM
206 Carrall Street
By Donation

Chandan Narayan (Philadelphia)


Chandan Narayan improvises with the autoharp, a traditional American stringed instrument. He performs and records as part of the Philadelphia quintet, Benito Cereno, as well as the Vancouver trio, Glass Plates. He has shared the stage with the likes of Jason Kahn, Christine Sehnaoui, Jack Wright, and Bhob Rainey. He is also the proprietor of the Simple Geometry record label.

Stefan Udell (Vancouver)


Born in Jasper, Alberta, Stefan Udell currently resides in Vancouver, BC. He was in local musical group Beans for nine years. Since the bands demise, he has written a handful of pieces for acoustic, electroacoustic, and film soundtrack mediums. He recently returned from a six month residency at the Banff Centre where he wrote a music theatre piece which he hopes to stage soon. He performs semi-regularly in town, usually in low-key “music venues” such as the Access Gallery, Gaff Gallery, and Solder & Sons. With local musician Andrew Herfst, he has recently taken up the activity of playing music at various locations around the city at sunrise. These last types of performances have not been well promoted as of yet, though in the future the two hope to attract the early bird music listening crowd who have been discriminated against with the constant proliferation of “evening performances.”