Call for Submissions

for student artists

for works and proposed works which enquire into notions of

In our current global moment of uncertainty and apprehension, seemingly perched at the end of so many paradigms of knowledge and behaviour, we have witnessed failure gain footing as an increasingly productive site of investigation for artists.

We welcome submissions of recent or proposed work from student artists in all media, to be considered for inclusion in an exhibition project collaboratively curated by the students of Emily Carr University’s AHIS 401 Topics in Curatorial Projects, to be realized at Access Gallery, June 7 – 21, 2014.

Whether interpreted as failings in material practice, process or production, in expectations or ideology, in channels of communication and translation, or as the failure of spatial and social relations, assigned values or constructs (both within and beyond the art world), we approach failure not as end point but as a space of possibility, a position of defiance and a strategy for resistance. We are interested in the possibilities that failure throws open as a means to contravene and undermine, as well as for the enabling of connectivity, dialogue and play.

Please submit the following NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1, 2014
electronically to
Please address your email “FAILURE EXHIBITION SUBMISSION.”

Please include:
– written proposal (max 250 words) and accompanying images if applicable
– artist statement (max 250 words)
– examples of previous work (up to 5 images/videos)
– two-page curriculum vitae

* NB: you must be a student currently enrolled in post-secondary studies to take part in this call.