FAG Satellite @ Access Gallery

RESISTERECTOMY / Chase Joynt / September 7-12

Opening Reception/Swarm13: Friday September 7th, 8pm

(IN)FORMAL DISCLOSURES: Screening and Artist Talk: Wednesday September 12th, 7pm

RESISTERECTOMY is a 4-part multi-media moving image installation by Toronto artist Chase Joynt. Joynt challenges the boundaries of a gendered body through the examination and infiltration of, in and on various medical spaces.  This project began as a search for counter-narrative to the artist’s experiences of mastectomy and hysterectomy as they relate to gender and embodiment. What was discovered is an artistic and intellectual collaboration that served to collapse the boundaries of a gendered body as they relate to these surgeries; and conversations that complicate the very notion of a counter-narrative in service of greater things lost and now gained.  As a transgender man, the artist highlights these surgical experiences as both highly contentious and ultimately pivotal turning points in the formation of their (de)gendered sense of self. The various trajectories illuminated by and through collaboration with UBC Faculty Mary Bryson have underscored the impact of institutions on these narratives; and subsequently inspired a creation of work that exists at the liminal points of transgression, between the management of public bodies and the articulation of private brains.

RESISTERECTOMY is the first in a series of installations by emerging Feminist artists in conjunction with the FAG Satellite @ Access.

Chase Joynt is a Toronto-based filmmaker, performer and writer. Recently awarded the EP Canada/Canada Film Capital Award for Emerging Canadian Artist, Chase’s film Akin is currently being exhibited at festivals in Canada, the US and Internationally.

His last film, Everyday to Stay was awarded Best Short Film while on tour with Madrid’s International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at El Lugar Sin Límite in Quito, Ecuador and the Jury Award for Best Documentary at the Bangalore Queer Film Festival in Bangalore, India. With creative non-fiction writing published in FUSE Magazine, Shameless Magazine, Original Plumbing Magazine and the Lambda Literary Award nominated anthology Letters For My Brothers, Chase is currently seeking publication for his book-length literary project MAN LIBS.

Recently, as a response to transphobic advertisements placed in mainstream Canadian media, Chase launched an online poster campaign in collaboration with Toronto media artist Alexis Mitchell that has garnered local, national and international attention in both broadcast and print press. Chase is currently pursuing a PhD in Cinema and Media Studies at York University in Toronto.

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