PLOT: OH x SPIT Publication Launch

June 2, 2018 at 2:00 PM
Join us in the PLOT space on June 2nd at 2:00 PM, for the launch of this unique Vancouver edition as a contribution to the Office Hours’ publication series, marking the closing of Office Hours’ tenure, as well as Brody Albert’s Nonlocal in the exhibition space.


It is a part of PLOT’s mission to support a cross-pollination of communities, a sharing of skills and resources, and an investment in the cultivation of conversations that might otherwise remain isolated. In a strategy to engage artist-led literature and publishing communities from these two Pacific coast cities, Access Gallery has invited SPIT—the reconfigured bi-monthly reading series and podcast formerly known as LIT LIT LIT LIT—to lead a series of experimental readings and events engaging with Office Hours’ publications and installation; re-interpreting these materials in new and unexpected ways through their close interactions.

Throughout the month of May, Office Hours and SPIT have engaged in a long-distance correspondence of images, visual materials and text recorded in a cascading scroll, printed by PLOT’s namesake— a large format plotting printer. Additionally, SPIT has invited Vancouver-based artist and writer Sonja Ratkay to lead an intimate two-day workshop inviting participants from Access’ proximate community to generate drawing, writing, and reading experiments; the materials of which form the basis for their newly published work. The experiments are centered around language, engaging the body through techniques including unreadable writing and text to speech.


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