Heidi Nagtegaal: The School of the Free Hammock

FAG Satellite @ Access Gallery

The School of the Free Hammock / Heidi Nagtegaal / September 19-22

Olio Festival Performance Night : Friday September 21st, 9pm

Writing/RIGHTing a Feminist Art Practice: an investigation into parallel texts and parallel FAGs:
Saturday, Sept 22, 3 – 5 pm // Facilitated by Amy Fung (limited space, registration required)

The School of the Free Hammock (TSOTFH) is a non-coercive mentorship, conversation, and community based education project. Launched by Heidi Nagtegaal in 2012, TSOTFH uses Hammock Residency as a base, and partners with other spaces to provide access to materials, according to need and ingenuity. There are no limits on the number of mentors, spaces, or people you partner with. Use as many or as little as you need. Build Spaces. Embody Them. TSOTFH offers an alternative form of post-graduate education for fine arts and culture.

Invited by FAG to inhabit Access, Nagtegaal has brought TSOTFH to the gallery. Her installation operates as a learning pod and meeting place for reading, mentoring, and discussion. Nagtegaal, the first student of TSOTFH will be in the gallery each day from 4-6pm, meeting with mentors and the public.

The School of the Free Hammock is the third in a series of installations by emerging Feminist artists in conjunction with the FAG Satellite @ Access.


Heidi Nagtegaal is an artist, writer and facilitator living in Vancouver, BC. After recieving her BFA from ECUAD in 2005, Nagtegaal has gone on to found local arts initiatives such as the Hammock Residency and Headbands and Bracelets, parallel to her own practice.
Basing her work on emergent natures, she uses an aesthetic of emergency, DIY, utilizing available materials to make “something out of nothing”. Challenging the notions of “something” and “nothing,” she engages a fluidity of structures, tranformation, personal chemistry and connection to create alchemic art. Sculptures, intervention, performance, installation, and activation are key elements in her relational social practice, creating both an object, and the ephemeral.

She has recently exhibited in the Tate Modern (London, UK) for the No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents, with the Western Front, Äkkigalleria (Jyväskylä, Finland), Vancouver Art Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery, Richmond Art Gallery, CSA, Signal and Noise, and portable gallery spaces worldwide.

Photo Credit:  Naming Ceremony (The School Of The Free Hammock), at Hammock Residency, Heidi Nagtegaal, July 2012

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