(In)formal Disclosures


FAG Satellite @ Access Gallery

(IN)FORMAL DISCLOSURES: Screening and Artist Talk / Wednesday September 12th, 7pm (Free)

Through a presentation of their newest works, alongside the projects of Feminist Art Gallery contemporaries, Toronto-based media artists Chase Joynt and Alexis Mitchell ask us to question what it means to create documentary works that seemingly utter personal truths. How do the voice and the body formally function in these works as way to disclose, claim and/or queer stories of the self? What does it mean to fictionalize, satirize and/or illustrate personal experiences or utterances as a way to transform their potential interpretations by the public? Join us for snacks, screenings, and serious fun.

(IN)FORMAL DISCLOSURES is presented by the Feminist Art Gallery Satellite Project at Access Gallery in collaboration with Dr. Mary K. Bryson (www.queercancer.org), the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (www.grsj.arts.ubc.ca), and Critical Studies in Sexuality (csis.arts.ubc.ca) at the University of British Columbia.

Access Gallery gratefully acknowledges the gracious support of the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver, our members and volunteers. Access is a member of the Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres.