Live: Biennial of Performance Art


Performances at Access Curated by David Yonge.

Access Artist-run Centre is pleased to present a series of performances curated by David Yonge- in collaboration with Live: Biennial of Performance Art. Artists Shawn Bristow, Gareth Moore, and Norma utilize the gallery to explore ideas about methods and ritual of sound-making, spatial relations, and physical engagement.

Shawn Bristow, Noisician
Thursday October 23rd, 8 pm
Since graduating from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design ten years ago, Shawn Bristow has been performing his sound pieces in Vancouver and recently in London and Mexico City. He is also one-half of local nihilist noiscians, ‘uncleam wiener.’ Bristow’s primary focus is to carry out experiments with conventional instruments in view of increasing their sound possibilities; all objects or actions are potential sources of sound. In his performance at Access Artist-run Centre, Bristow will slowly dismantle an electric guitar plugged into an amplifier. Without creating any traditional composition or music, the guitar will instead provide an audio description of its own destruction.

Gareth Moore, Children’s Game
Thursday October 23rd, 8 pm

Gareth Moore is a recent graduate from ECIAD with a practice in a wide range of performance and installation based work. Every October during the two weeks preceding the full moon in the town of Pushkar, India, there rises the question of ‘how many men can fit on the back of a camel?” If there are no camels in your back yard, you have to search for an equally intriguing substitute. Moore’s performance, a dynamic construction of props, projections, sound, and audience participation will be sent in motion in the exploration of the streets and alleys of the centre’s neighborhood.

Norma, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
Thursday November 13th, 8 pm
All eight members of Norma are currently fourth year students at ECIAD. During the last two years, the collective has produced installation and performance work that uses absurdity, physical endurance and provocation to examine subjects of power and cultural anxiety. Matching outfits and brightly colored dance shoes will be Norma’s uniform for this performance that will emphasize and undermine the boundaries that separate audience for performers.