Parallel Guidebooks: Series One

Parallel Guidebook Series 1 (2009)
Series Editor: Jesse Birch. Designer: Alex Grünenfelder

Yours to Give
by Rob Stone

Yours to Give examines the idea of space, and the interplay between the realms of art, architecture, and language. Stone’s two-part essay interrogates the notion of written text as a means of filling space. The blank pages are compared to the white walls of a gallery space as the poetic text explores the use, constraints, and possibilities of space in everyday living. The first issue of Access Gallery’s Parallel Guidebooks,Yours to Give, was published to accompany Elsewhere, an exhibition of new work by Mathieu Fraser-Dagenais with Anke Moormann, Ziad Naccache and Alexandra Ranner (18 October 2008 – 17 January 2009).

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ISBN – 978-0-9782419-4-0

by Benjamin Barootes, Felicia Hemans. and Mark Dudiak

This second issue of Access Gallery’s Parallel Guidebooks, Ekphrasis, was published to accompany Mark Dudiak’s exhibition of new work, Time’s Museum of Shape and Form (18 April – 6 June, 2009). In his essay, Benjamin Barootse, a doctoral student in the English Department at McGill., compares poetry to sculpture, which opens up a larger discussion of why art is dead while poetry is living. Crossing between the boundaries of image and word, he explores the relationship between ekphrasis and art. Also included is the poem “The Image in Lava” by Felicia Hemans in which she writes of the relationship between mother and child, love, and temporality. The final section is a three part monologue by Dudiak that uses descriptions of a mountainous, wall, structure, and glacial environment to talk about knowledge of the passing of time.

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ISBN – 978-0-9782419-3-3

The Cast of Shadows
by Jesse Birch, Arthur Zanjonc, and Michael Taussig

This third issue of Access Gallery’s Parallel Guidebooks was published to accompany the exhibition The Cast of Shadows (20 June – 25 July, 2009; Ricardo Cuevas, Noa Giniger, Mike Love, Heather Passmore, Kika Thorne). Cast of Shadows Curator Jesse Birch provides a historical discussion of shadows in relation to the invention of the camera. He deals with mimesis, temporality and their relationship with photography. Zanjonc, a professor of physics at Amherst College, gives an account of Goethe’s study of light, darkness, and color. He discusses the experience of color, illusions and pathologies of perception. Michael Taussig, a professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, concludes the short publication by writing about the eye as an organ through which we make sense of our environment in his essay The Eye as Organ of Tactility: The Optical Unconscious.

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ISBN – 978-0-9782419-5-7

[ ]
Jen Hutton & Daniel Laskarin
Editors: Jesse birch and Liz Park

This issue was published alongside the exhibition, [ ] (12 September – 7 November, 2009). It contains additional works by Jen Hutton and Daniel Laskarin that deal with, as suggested by the bracketed title, enclosure and separation. Their divergent practices are creatively combined into a reversible orientation.

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