Parallel Guidebooks: Series Two

Parallel Guidebook Series 2 (2010)
Series Editor: Jesse Birch and Liz Park. Designer: Mary Castellanes

Life After Doomsday
Guest Editor: Jason de Haan

Published to accompany Jason de Haan’s exhibition, Life After Doomsday (13 February – 27 March 2012). Life After Doomsday includes Mircea Eliade’s The Myth of the Eternal Return: or, Cosmos and History (1954) and P.D. Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching (1949). Mircea Eliade was a Romanian historian, writer, and philosopher and P.D. Ouspensky was a Russian writer and teacher known for his esoteric beliefs. The work deals with questions surrounding mysticism as well as imagining what is possible after the end of days.

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ISBN – 978-0-9782419-7-1

The Ever-Changing Light
Guest Editor: Raymond Boisjoly

This edition of Parallel Guidebooks was published to accompany Raymond Boisjoly’s exhibition, The Ever-Changing Light (17 April – 29 May 2012). It includes an excerpt from Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech (1921) by Edward Sapir, which discusses the variability of language and divergence of dialects, and explores the ‘drift’ of language.

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ISBN – 978-0-9782419-8-8

Field Work
Guest Editor/Curator: Shaun Dacey

This publication was written to accompany Dacey’s exhibition Field Work (26 June – 24 July 2010, featuring works by Diane Borsato, Roy Caussy, Brendan Fernandes, Hannah Jickling, Will Kwan). This publication includes an essay by Shaun Dacey and a phonetic excerpt from Foe (J.M. Coetzee, 1986), by Brendan Fernandes. Using the field as a space through which artists work, interact, and navigate, Dacey aims to explore how artists are responding to structures of education in relation to art production. Each work explores the artist’s use of education and research as an artistic medium in order to question the institutions and structures of learning within our contemporary culture as well as investigate the role of the gallery as a site for exchange, interactions, and flow of knowledge.

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ISBN – 978-0-9866688-0-7


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