Rachael Wadham & Robert Pedersen Ian Gregory James & David Grove, Father Zosima Presents


Father Zosima Presents…

Rachael Wadham & Robert Pedersen
Ian Gregory James & David Grove
Tuesday, February 26, 8pm

Access Artist Run Centre

206 Carrall Street

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Ian Gregory James is a Vancouver based artist focused on sound recording and performance. Using home-made synthesizers and magnetic tape as sources, he crafts slowly unfolding drones that hark back to the early minimalist pioneers. Combining obsessive introspection with discreet universality, Ian Gregory’s work wanders about on a narrow, well-trodden path of anxious repetition on the infinite plain. He has several self-released cassettes and CD-r’s, as well as a release on RunDownSun records.

David Grove approaches sound creation from the primitive stages of synthetic instrumentation. Moving backwards as opposed to forwards in terms of technology, archaic methods are employed to create music with a conscious resistance to modern, digital methods of sound creation. With this strict analog approach, inherent random and unforeseen elements enter his work. As well, there is a characteristic of the labour and physicality involved with analog devices that emerges. David has performed his synthesized music solo and in duets at venues on the west coast of the United States and Canada. He studied visual art at Langara College and is self-taught in electronic audio art forms. He lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

Rachael Wadham has been involved in the Canadian noise/music scene for many years as a performer and composer. Through music she tries hard to enforce her views on recycling with the use of broken instruments, tossed junk and long forgotten songs…wonderful things that have been tossed aside. Rachael has worked and collaborated with artists including Deep Dark United, Picastro, the Fernwood Difficult Music Society, Arraymusic, Ensemble d’Ereprijs, Sound Stories, the Draperies, The Nihilist Spasm Band, triPOD dance collective, neither/nor, and many more. She recently released a couple of duet recordings with Chris Dadge (on the Calgary based label Bug Incision) and Chandan Narayan (on Vancouver based label Standard Grey ). Her current projects are Quaqua, Attn: Diamond Shoppers, Heads over Houses, The Aquatic Uncle, plus frequent small groupings from the large array of improv musicians in Vancouver and beyond.

Robert Pedersen is currently interested in re-wiring cassette players and creating feedback across their entire circuit grids using condenser microphones and prepared amplification. He performs in an electronics duo in Vancouver with Jeffrey Allport called Rough Noble, and is much influenced by the sounds of Ken Roux, a Vancouver radio and circuit builder.