Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn: Object without Shadow
Access Gallery Annual General Meeting
In Conversation: Lili Huston-Herterich and Michael Drebert
MELT by John Oliver & Carol Sawyer
Summer Renovations | July – Aug
The Foreshore: Session 17
The Foreshore: Session 16
The Foreshore: Session 15
Call for Applications: Director/Curator
In Conversation: Grant Arnold with Birthe Piontek
The Foreshore: Session 14
Call for Submissions: PLOT
Publication Launch of Miss Solitude: Cuttings with Marguerite Pigeon and Birthe Piontek
The Foreshore: Session 13
Book Launch: Breathless Days
The Foreshore: Session 11
Director/Curator Kimberly Phillips Announces Departure
The Foreshore | Deep Listening
The Foreshore | Workshop & Open Studio Martinez & Kreye
In Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Lee: Hold Everything Black and See
The Foreshore: Session 10
The Foreshore | The Movement Workshop
The Foreshore | Julie Chapple
In Conversation: Dr. Ludovic Van Waerbeke on Dark Matter and Dark Energy
The Foreshore: Session 9
A Night of Readings on the Dark
The Foreshore: Session 8
The Foreshore: Session 7
The Foreshore: Session 6
The Foreshore: Session 5
Access Auction Fundraiser: Celebrating 25 years of Access
The Foreshore: Session 3
The Foreshore: Session 2
The Foreshore: Session 1
In Conversation: Lyse Lemieux with Amélie Brisson-Darveau
Hanjin in Receivership
In Conversation: Ed Spence with Helga Pakasaar and Ian Wallace
Notice of Annual General Meeting
In Conversation: Amaara Raheem with Kimberly Phillips with performance installation by the artist
In Conversation: Nour Bishouty and Christopher Boyne with Kimberly Phillips on Process, Place, Research and Retrieval
Sound Walk with Elisa Ferrari
Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver Emerging Artist’s Prize
Things on the Shoreline Illustrated Storybook Launch
In Conversation: Artistic Collaborations with Children – Hannah Jickling, Helen Reed, Vanessa Kwan and Cindy Mochizuki
Berlin Art Trip with Access and Or Gallery! | May 17 – 22, 2016
Access Gallery is Hiring!
In Conversation: Liz Magor with Laura Piasta
Twenty-Three Days at Sea on Co-op Radio!
A Vibrant Assemblage: Access’ Annual Auction Fundraiser
Water Witching Workshop with Alana Bartol
Publication Launch: A Reading and Conversation with Steffanie Ling and Special Performance by Der Hammel von Kouver
Access Gallery at Vancouver Art/Book Fair 2015
In Conversation: Alana Bartol & David Semeniuk with Kimberly Phillips
Annual General Meeting
Vancouver Draw Down 2015
LIQUIDATE: An Art Publication Sale
Access Gallery Board of Directors: Call for Members
On Location: Two Artists & Three Writers
Access Gallery’s 2015 Lottery Calendar Fundraiser
Hadden Park Open Field Mapping
In Conversation: Ian Wallace with Kathleen Ritter and Guillermo Trejo
Twenty-Three Days at Sea: A Travelling Artist Residency
Here to There: Access’ Annual Auction Fundraiser
Adjacencies: Felicia E. Gail, Lauren Marsden, Dennis Ha, Cindy Mochizuki, Spoox (Julia Feyrer & Pietro Sammarco)
Far Away So Close: Part I In Conversation: Kimberly Phillips with Sarah Stein, Jim Verburg, Hyung-Min Yoon and Nicole Kelly Westman
In Conversation: Kimberly Phillis with Raymond Boisjoly, Vanessa Kwan and Erdam Taşdelen with Far Away So Close
Publication Launch – Unsuitable as an Institution: The Tenacity of Access Gallery 1992 – 2014
Fundraiser: June Lottery Calendar
In Conversation: Brendan Fernandes on Eight Ounces Half a Pound
Draw No Conclusions: Access Gallery with Vancouver Draw Down 2014
In the Round with Carolyn Sullivan: A Reading Night with Roald Dahl’s The Landlady and The Brood
Saltwalks: Three Movements by Randy Lee Cutler
Call for Submissions
In Conversation: Seripop with Kimberly Phillips
Call for Volunteers: Encyclonopedia Iranica
In Conversation: John O’Brian and The Everything Co.
So Good It Hurts: Access Annual Auction Fundraiser, November 2013
SaltWalks: Randy Lee Cutler
Dawn Johnston Artist Talk
Summer Members Dinner
Access Gallery’s New Director/ Curator!
Access is Hiring!
Sharlene Bamboat: The Queen’s Punishment
Valerie Salez: In the Shadow of our Own Dust
Olio Festival Performance Night
Heidi Nagtegaal: The School of the Free Hammock
Pleasure & Protest, Sometimes Simultaneously: A Free School
Writing/RIGHTing a Feminist Art Practice
Alexis Mitchell Performing CAMP
Born in Flames
Thoughts on Text
Members Dinner
AGM 2012
No Reading After the Internet: Hito Steyerl’s “Politics of Art”
Groove is in the Art
Access Moved to 222 East Georgia St!
Sweaty Bones: Last Party @ Access
AGM 2011
Long Table Dinner!
Total Eclipse Of The Art
Osvaldo Yero: Passage Book Launch
Season’s Seasonings: Retro Jam
ACCESS Public Art: Raymond Boisjoly
Long Table Dinner #2! Welcome New Director/Curators!
Workers’ Party
Season’s Seasonings! Fundraiser
Manipulating Digital Documentation: The Basics
Nate Wooley & Gust Burns, Father Zosima Presents
Ken Roux & Pedal Decay, Father Zosima Presents
Chandan Narayan & Stefan Udell, Father Zosima Presents
Rachael Wadham & Robert Pedersen Ian Gregory James & David Grove, Father Zosima Presents
Documenting Your Artwork
Staked Plain, Father Zosima Presents
Strategies for Developing and Sustaining Your Artistic Practice
COPYRIGHT AND THE ARTIST, What’s appropriate about appropriation?
Curated by Colleen Heslin, Placed & Found
Maya Suess, Helmet Piece
Maya Suess, REM Cabaret: Mapping the Dreamscapes
Peter Conlin, Between All and Nothing
Re: An E-mail Art Project
Live: Biennial of Performance Art
Counterpoint: local hangouts
con/quest, Group Show
Access 10th Anniversary
Live 2001, Biennial Performance Art
KickstART, Society for Disabilities Arts and Culture
Emma Kivisild, Messenger
Gaile Addison, Kate Blomfield, Dan Denker, Cecilia Greyson, Magdalena Moore & Julie Szutu, Petite Envelope Urbaine
Judy, Judy Collective
WestWord, Journal Launch & Readings
Dish, Access Fundraiser
David Fennario, Gargoyles
Night of Film, Film screenings by film students from Simon Fraser University
Annual Holiday Fundraiser, Artist-designed wine bottles
Speed Ball, Access/Or gallery joint fundraiser
Robert Lindsay, Poppy Book Launch & Reading
Glitter Ball, Access/Or gallery joint fundraiser
Annual Holiday Fundraiser (Artist-designed wine bottles)
Annual Holiday Fundraiser (Artist-designed wine bottles)
Robert Linsley, Epigraphs from an Unwritten Book