Birthe Piontek: Miss Solitude
A Terrible Signal: Megan Hepburn, Daniel Phillips, M.E. Sparks, Carolyn Stockbridge, Joseph Strohan
Tongues, Echoes: Matias Armendaris, Hyang Cho, and Olivia Whetung
Amélie Brisson-Darveau: Ascension
Three Kinds of Abstraction
Twenty-Three Days at Sea, Chapter One: Nour Bishouty, Christopher Boyne, Elisa Ferrari, Amaara Raheem
Things on the Shoreline
Laura Piasta: Sounding the Ultraviolet
Far Away So Close, Part III: Alana Bartol, Mike Bourscheid, David Semeniuk
Dress Code In Effect | Group Exhibition | Access Gallery & Avenue
Field Studies: Exercises in a Living Landscape
Ian Johnston: The Chamber
Far Away So Close, Part II: Kathleen Ritter, Guillermo Trejo
Catherine Pulkinghorn: Home Dream Home
Far Away So Close: Part I
Break the Legs of What I Want to Happen
Fan-Ling Suen: The Brood
Seripop: Vexations
Three Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: The Everything Company
Encyclonospace Iranica
Under New Management
All Lost: Dawn Johnston
Valerie Salez: In the Shadow of our Own Dust
Ariel Smith: Little girl/ugly girl/not bad/just evil girl
Always Working
CASV Emerging Artist’s Prize
Broken Borders
Tonik Wojtyra: Paragraph of Possibility