carbon study: walking in the dark
Feathers, Ether, Sand, Speech
Brody Albert: Nonlocal
Vicky Sabourin: Warmblood
Some Spontaneous Particulars: Vanessa Brown, Heide Hinrichs, Kathleen Ritter
Twenty-Three Days at Sea, Chapter 2: Michael Drebert, Lili Huston-Herterich, Rebecca Moss, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn
Birthe Piontek: Miss Solitude
A Terrible Signal: Megan Hepburn, Daniel Phillips, M.E. Sparks, Carolyn Stockbridge, Joseph Strohan
Tongues, Echoes: Matias Armendaris, Hyang Cho, and Olivia Whetung
Amélie Brisson-Darveau: Ascension
Three Kinds of Abstraction
Twenty-Three Days at Sea, Chapter One: Nour Bishouty, Christopher Boyne, Elisa Ferrari, Amaara Raheem
Things on the Shoreline
Laura Piasta: Sounding the Ultraviolet
Far Away So Close, Part III: Alana Bartol, Mike Bourscheid, David Semeniuk
Dress Code In Effect | Group Exhibition | Access Gallery & Avenue
Field Studies: Exercises in a Living Landscape
Ian Johnston: The Chamber
Far Away So Close, Part II: Kathleen Ritter, Guillermo Trejo
Catherine Pulkinghorn: Home Dream Home
Far Away So Close: Part I
Break the Legs of What I Want to Happen
Fan-Ling Suen: The Brood
Seripop: Vexations
Three Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: The Everything Company
Encyclonospace Iranica
Under New Management
All Lost: Dawn Johnston
Valerie Salez: In the Shadow of our Own Dust
Ariel Smith: Little girl/ugly girl/not bad/just evil girl
Always Working
CASV Emerging Artist’s Prize
Broken Borders
Tonik Wojtyra: Paragraph of Possibility
Elizabeth Milton:Auditions
Faker than Faux Fur
Summerhill, Revised
Field Work
The Ever-Changing Light
Life After Doomsday
Jen Hutton and Daniel Laskarin
The Cast of Shadows
Suzanne Nagy, Pull Over Parade
Mark Dudiak, Time’s Museum of Shape and Form
Happy Belated Birthday Charles!
Sean Coggins, F.W.T.B.T. (I Dream of Lars Ulrich Being Thrown Through the Bus Window Instead of My Master Mystikall Kliff Burton)
Mathieu Fraser-Dagenais with Anke Moormann, Ziad Naccache & Alexandra Ranner, Elsewhere
Michael Markowsky, Errol and George: Two Sad Swashbucklers
Vanessa Kwan, The Storm and the Fall
Pietro Sammarco & Julia Feyrer, The Composition Kids
Barbad Golshiri, Masturpiece(s)
Juan Zavaleta, Slaughterhouse: The Souls of God
P. Roch Smith, Phantoms
Maya de Forest, I love here now
Julie Beugin, Jessica Eaton, Jillian Pritchard & Dan Starling, Pop Philosophy
Dax Morrison & Clint Wilson
Manuela Lalic, President’s Temptation.
Diyan Achjadi, See Girl (March, Girl, March!)
Collin Johanson, Cathedral
Haruko Okano , Wayde Compton & Judy Chartrand, Lost & Found
David Gifford, Shadow Puncho
Christian Kliegel, Gloom, Boom and Doom
Alisdair MacRae, 100 Snakes: Architecture for the Eye
Corin Sworn, Atmosphere and Architecture
Stephen Walters, Psyche Room (50,000,000 Year Trip)
Curated by: Jo Cook & Owen Plummer, Cyclops Dreams
Kirsten Forkert & John Dummett, Visible Crowd Activity
Norma, Clubhouse
Robyn Moody, Harp: Phase 1
Shelley Miller, Consumptuous
Femke van Delft & Johanna Mercer D, Missing
Kathy Chenoweth, Personal Space Wear
Fred Douglas, Flutter
Carol Sawyer, Ya-wen Vivienne Wang, Hitting the Wall
Anna Harrison, Candie Tanaka, Erin Coates & Melissa Pauw, Looking Through a Glass
Sofie Sweger, “On the Road”, United Net-Works
Re: An E-mail Art Project
Kathy Tycholis, Housing Project
Counterpoint: local hangouts
Matthew Brown, Jo Cook & James Whitman, birthdaycake island
James Prior, James Pierre and Pom Pom: Two Hearts Beat as One
Kevin Schmidt, Small Waves, Cold Water
Kelly Phillips, Body Politics
Alison McTaggart, The Egg Throwing Apparatus
Linda Mary Beech, Big Crow
con/quest, Group Show
Michael Euyung Oh & Jooyeon Park, Archives
Courtney Dailey, Clark Ferguson, Onya Hogan-Finlay, Tim Van Wijk & Rebecca Watt, this for that
Angela Somerset, Well
Milutin Gubash, Playing Possum
Kim Huynh, Of Word, Of Skin
Sook Kong, Baco Ohama, Kira Wu, Cindy Mochizuki, A Red Bean Project
Robert Kozinuk, Diffraction
Renee Burgess, Lapse
Shinobu Akimoto, Ikea Living Project Series
Barbara Prokop and Larissa Fassler, Art may imitate life, but life imitates TV
Shauna Oddleifson, Pink Elephants & Lemonade
Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens, Dirty Rats
Shelley Guhle, Demian Petryshyn & Rodney Sanches, Soft
Satellite Show within Zero Degree Monstrosities
Anatole Russell-Ingram, April
Kyla Mallett, Legendary Teens
Robert Gelineau, Repose
The Ladies’ Afternoon Art Society, A Lovely Makeover
Johan Grimonprez, Dial H-i-s-t-o-r-y
Gemma Iles, Recent Photographs
Accession, Student Invitational Exhibition
Elisa Rathje, Access Video
Herman Kao and Evan Lee, New Work
Sergio Finamore, Kludge
Yang Zhen Zong, Jiangnan
Adrian Boston, Karin Bubas, Mia Cunningham, Jacques Goudet, Leeta Harding & Una Knox, The Sunken Living Room
Michael Lawlor, Led Me See
Antonia Hirsch, Fluid Space
Dagmar Dahle, She Would be Long
Asian Heritage Month
Annual Student Invitational, S.F.U. & E.C.I.A.D.
Sandra Ceballos, New Art from Cuba: Utopian Territories
Kum Chi-Keung & Jammelie Hassan, Cities at the End of Time: Hong Kong 1997
Brian White, Begin as You Mean to Go On
Linda Giles, Arousal
Jean-Pierre Brown & Johanne Groebner, Genius2
Jennifer Macklem, Imposture
Jolana Havelkova and Svatopluk Klimes – Visiting Czech Artists
Student Invitational Exhibition
Architecture Charette, UBC School of Architecture Student Exhibition
Damian Moppett, Recent Work
Laura Lamb, 6 Dreams of a Monkey
Ed Pien, The Blue Room
Myfanwy MacLeod, The Fountain Heads
Fred Douglas, Redeemed Plates
Shi Yong Qian Wei Kang, Not Here, Not There
Kelly Wood, This is not a cake
Kent Anderson, Pneumonic Panel
Carol Sawyer, Anthropomorphs
My name is Scott
Kevin Madill, Sodom in Eden
Margaret Boan, Recent Play
Collaborative Work in Progress
Pam Barber and France Boucher, Beavers & Bannisters
Kevin Mutch, Expressions
Monika Napier, Infusions, Distillations
George Gaudette, Mercurial Traces
Terryl Atkin, Judie Price, dm sopitiuk, Limen
Kristen Schopp, Installation
Terence Gower, Style
Fran Benton, Drawing and Sculpture
Robert Wise, Recent Work
Gordon Holinaty, Made in Canada
Tina Hoeben, Collections
Donna Nield, Installation
Deanne Achong & Marlene Weston, Lipstick Histories
Scott Mcbride, Astounding: Stories of Super-Science
Howard Ursuliak, Inter-face part 2
Owen Sopitiuk
UBC/UVIC Exchange Show
UBC BFA Group Show