David Gifford, Shadow Puncho
Christian Kliegel, Gloom, Boom and Doom
Alisdair MacRae, 100 Snakes: Architecture for the Eye
Corin Sworn, Atmosphere and Architecture
Stephen Walters, Psyche Room (50,000,000 Year Trip)
Curated by: Jo Cook & Owen Plummer, Cyclops Dreams
Kirsten Forkert & John Dummett, Visible Crowd Activity
Norma, Clubhouse
Robyn Moody, Harp: Phase 1
Shelley Miller, Consumptuous
Femke van Delft & Johanna Mercer D, Missing
Kathy Chenoweth, Personal Space Wear
Fred Douglas, Flutter
Carol Sawyer, Ya-wen Vivienne Wang, Hitting the Wall
Anna Harrison, Candie Tanaka, Erin Coates & Melissa Pauw, Looking Through a Glass
Sofie Sweger, “On the Road”, United Net-Works
Re: An E-mail Art Project
Kathy Tycholis, Housing Project
Counterpoint: local hangouts
Matthew Brown, Jo Cook & James Whitman, birthdaycake island
James Prior, James Pierre and Pom Pom: Two Hearts Beat as One
Kevin Schmidt, Small Waves, Cold Water
Kelly Phillips, Body Politics
Alison McTaggart, The Egg Throwing Apparatus
Linda Mary Beech, Big Crow
con/quest, Group Show
Michael Euyung Oh & Jooyeon Park, Archives
Courtney Dailey, Clark Ferguson, Onya Hogan-Finlay, Tim Van Wijk & Rebecca Watt, this for that
Angela Somerset, Well
Milutin Gubash, Playing Possum