Johan Grimonprez, Dial H-i-s-t-o-r-y
Gemma Iles, Recent Photographs
Accession, Student Invitational Exhibition
Judy, Judy Collective
Elisa Rathje, Access Video
WestWord, Journal Launch & Readings
Dish, Access Fundraiser
Herman Kao and Evan Lee, New Work
David Fennario, Gargoyles
Night of Film, Film screenings by film students from Simon Fraser University
Sergio Finamore, Kludge
Yang Zhen Zong, Jiangnan
Adrian Boston, Karin Bubas, Mia Cunningham, Jacques Goudet, Leeta Harding & Una Knox, The Sunken Living Room
Michael Lawlor, Led Me See
Annual Holiday Fundraiser, Artist-designed wine bottles
Antonia Hirsch, Fluid Space
Dagmar Dahle, She Would be Long
Speed Ball, Access/Or gallery joint fundraiser
Robert Lindsay, Poppy Book Launch & Reading
Asian Heritage Month
Annual Student Invitational, S.F.U. & E.C.I.A.D.
Sandra Ceballos, New Art from Cuba: Utopian Territories
Kum Chi-Keung & Jammelie Hassan, Cities at the End of Time: Hong Kong 1997
Brian White, Begin as You Mean to Go On
Linda Giles, Arousal
Jean-Pierre Brown & Johanne Groebner, Genius2
Jennifer Macklem, Imposture
Glitter Ball, Access/Or gallery joint fundraiser
Jolana Havelkova and Svatopluk Klimes – Visiting Czech Artists
Student Invitational Exhibition