Architecture Charette, UBC School of Architecture Student Exhibition
Damian Moppett, Recent Work
Laura Lamb, 6 Dreams of a Monkey
Annual Holiday Fundraiser (Artist-designed wine bottles)
Ed Pien, The Blue Room
Myfanwy MacLeod, The Fountain Heads
Fred Douglas, Redeemed Plates
Shi Yong Qian Wei Kang, Not Here, Not There
Kelly Wood, This is not a cake
Kent Anderson, Pneumonic Panel
Carol Sawyer, Anthropomorphs
Annual Holiday Fundraiser (Artist-designed wine bottles)
My name is Scott
Kevin Madill, Sodom in Eden
Margaret Boan, Recent Play
Collaborative Work in Progress
Pam Barber and France Boucher, Beavers & Bannisters
Robert Linsley, Epigraphs from an Unwritten Book
Kevin Mutch, Expressions
Monika Napier, Infusions, Distillations
George Gaudette, Mercurial Traces
Kristen Schopp, Installation
Terryl Atkin, Judie Price, dm sopitiuk, Limen
Kevin Mutch, Our World in Time and Space | May 7-29 1993
Terence Gower, Style
Fran Benton, Drawing and Sculpture
Robert Wise, Recent Work
Gordon Holinaty, Made in Canada
Tina Hoeben, Collections
Donna Nield, Installation