The word “plot” describes a small parcel of land, designated for a specific purpose. It refers to a sequence of events that drives a story. To “plot” can mean to chart one’s position, as on a map, or to devise a secret plan or scheme.


Following Access Gallery’s mission to create conditions for emergence, PLOT exists to support non-exhibitionary aspects of artistic practice, such as research-based or socially oriented practices. It acts as a platform for occupants who will benefit from cultivating new publics, and who are in need of physical space to manifest emerging initiatives. Having tested the model in our pilot year of programming, we are once again seeking submissions from collectives, artist initiatives, nascent, small-scale, or itinerant organizations/projects for our 2020 programming year.

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The 200ft² space is intended to serve as a public interface, and a site for exchange, experimentation or otherwise for a period of one to six months. PLOT is accessible to the public during Access’ regular opening hours, and for special events. We welcome submissions from applicants of differing natures, and encourage applicants to consider conducting events which engage the public through workshops, research, talks, reading groups, work-ins, and so on. PLOT occupants will also have a large format plotter printer at their disposal, generously donated by Measured Architecture. We encourage applicants to consider this resource in their programs, artistic output and interface with the public.

The aim of PLOT is to establish a collegial relationship with occupants, to support one another through a cross-pollination of communities, a sharing of skills and resources, and an investment in the cultivation of conversations that might otherwise remain isolated. We are motivated by the increased potential for unexpected synergies between artists and audiences who work alongside one another, especially considering Access’ dual role as both a hosting organization and guest on unceded territories. This strategy is increasingly important given the divisive forces working to disintegrate community within our current socio-political and economic milieu.



Please format your application/statement of intent as a single PDF, and email it directly to using subject line PLOT Submission. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, however we are no longer accepting proposals for the 2020 programming year. Submissions will be reviewed by a jury consisting of Projects Coordinator Catherine de Montreuil, Director/Curator Katie Belcher and 1-3 community members.

If the structure of these guidelines present themselves as a barrier and you would prefer submitting in another format, please contact the Projects Coordinator, Catherine de Montreuil at or 604-689-2907.

Please include the following in your submission:

A brief (250 word) introduction to your organization, collective, or initiative, including descriptions, if applicable, of past programs
A brief (250 word) proposal for your occupation of PLOT, including a statement of intent, along with a prospective timeline and a budget that indicates projected and/or confirmed funding sources
Up to 5 images of relevant past work (if applicable)
One-page CVs of all participants/collaborators
Max 100 word biographies of all primary participants and, if applicable, of invited artists/practitioners

PLEASE NOTE: The space is gifted in-kind to selected occupants, with some additional financial support to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Any additional budgetary expenses are the responsibility of the occupant. PLOT occupants receiving public funding and wishing to work with artists or other creative practitioners are responsible for securing their own funds for any related CARFAC fees. Those occupants who do not receive public funding are likewise responsible for implementing their budgets accordingly.

Please direct all questions to



There is an 8cm (3.5 in) lip at the entrance to the gallery. We plan to have a portable ramp for the exterior entrance in time for this event, and can assist with the 112cm (44 in) sliding door. The self-contained gender neutral washroom is not wheelchair accessible. Access is within 120m of major transit routes (#3, 8, 19, 22), and the nearest Skytrain stops are Main Street-Science World (650m) and Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain (800m). Detailed transit information is available by request. There is limited metered street parking and a parking garage on East Georgia.

Our programming is always free and open to the public.