About PLOT

The word “plot” describes a small parcel of land, designated for a specific purpose. It refers to a sequence of events that drives a story. To “plot” can mean to chart one’s position, as on a map, or to devise a secret plan or scheme.

PLOT launched in Fall 2017 at Access Gallery, following an extensive gallery renovation and space-creation project made possible by the generosity of the Province of BC’s Collaborative Spaces program. The space is intended for occupation by collectives, artist initiatives, nascent or small-scale organizations and those conducting itinerant projects who seek space, greater visibility and, most importantly, who desire to cultivate a relationship with a community or public.

Given Access Gallery’s mission to create conditions for emergence, PLOT exists as a platform for occupants who will benefit from reaching these publics, and who are in need of a physical space to manifest their initiative. The 200ft² space serves as a public interface, a site for exchange, experimentation or otherwise. PLOT is accessible to the public during Access’ regular opening hours, and for special programmed events.

The aim of PLOT is to establish a collegial relationship with occupants, to support one another through a cross-pollination of communities, a sharing of skills and resources, and an investment in the cultivation of conversations that might otherwise remain isolated. We are motivated by the increased potential and unexpected synergies for both artists and audiences who work alongside one another. This strategy seems increasingly important given the many forces attempting to divide and disintegrate community within our current socio-political and economic milieu, and considering that we remain uninvited guests on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Peoples.


Access gratefully acknowledges the support of Measured Architecture in making PLOT possible. We also acknowledge the ongoing support of The Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of BC, the BC Arts Council and BC Gaming Commission, the City of Vancouver, and our committed donors, members, and volunteers.