Anecdotes - one-person enhanced soundwalks

21 Jun 12PM to 23 Jun 2019 5PM

Anecdotes is a series of short, one-person enhanced soundwalks in the neighbourhood surrounding Access Gallery. These walks are silent wanderings where participants are invited to listen anew and experience the incidental performances happening across the cityscape.

Artist Bio

Jean Routhier has a sound-based practice that comprises soundwalks, manipulated field recordings, acousmatic works, live performances, and installations. Interested in the fleeting, the gaps and the in-betweens, the silences as well as the physical and emotional reactions to listening, Routhier's productions challenge our common expectations of what can be musical. Among his recent projects include an intimate performance piece entitled The Voyage (with Carey Dodge), which premiered on Granville Island in Vancouver during Boca del Lupo's micro-performance series; Une Suite de Temps-Mort: Nelson_R.Y. at Open Space Gallery (Victoria, 2014); Une Suite de Temps-Mort: Iona at LoCoMoto Art’s performance and exhibition event Oscillations (Vancouver, 2015); a series of soundwalks commissioned by Vancouver New Music for ISEA 2015; and a musical performance with Stefan Smulovitz for the opening of the exhibition Thrift Shop Sunshine People at Interurban Gallery (Vancouver, 2015).