Artist Talk: Vicky Sabourin: Living with a Horse in My Bedroom

Sat 10 Feb 2018 2PM

Part of Exhibition Vicky Sabourin: Warmblood at Access Gallery from February 10 - March 31, 2018

Central to the realization of Vicky Sabourin's Warmblood was her creation of a life-sized, hand-felted wool horse. During this time, the artist's studio was in her home, in the double room shared with her bedroom. Each morning, Sabourin had to step over the horse while getting out of bed. Through that unusual proximity, she suggests, a strange kinship developed between herself and the felted animal. Join Sabourin in the gallery for an intimate and experimental artist talk focusing on the intense periods of research and production behind Warmblood, which, aside from hundreds of hours of needle felting, involved a visit to a horse butcher, study of the dissection of a horse's hoof, and six gruesome hours washing blood from horsehair in her living room.