Bicycling Through Deep Time: The shores of False Creek East, 'hole-in-bottom’

Sat 04 May 2019 1–5PM


Bike ride: 1PM to 3PM (meet at Access Gallery with bicycle, helmet & water)

Mapping in PLOT space: 3:30PM to 5PM


Join PLOT occupants KEXMIN Field Station for their first public event in the 2019-21 still underwater project: a bicycle trip clockwise around the 1919 shores of False Creek East/False Creek Flats/'hole-in-bottom. The still underwater project marks the centennial of the corporate destruction of the massive urban salt marsh, marine ecosystem, and Salish cultural landscape now bounded by Union Street, Clark Drive, Great Northern Way, and Main Street. Following the bike ride, we will convene in PLOT at Access Gallery to draw and map out the shifting shorelines of hole-in-bottom, which will be placed on the walls of the PLOT space. Bring your favourite drawing tools and snacks.


Event presented by Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram. Brent's father was born in Kitsilano in 1905 and, as well as English, spoke Chinook and Halkomelem. Growing up with family stories about False Creek Flats (and bitterness about its destruction), Brent went on to study with trail blazing, Salish and Native American Studies theorist, Mary Nelson, who imparted a deep sense of the cultural losses from the erasure of these landscapes and seascapes whose rough translation has sometimes been said to be, 'hole-in-bottom'.


Accessibility Notes: For individuals not able to bicycle on the field trip, there will be a walking tour offered by Alex Grünenfelder later in the month. For interested individuals who need motorized or other assistance, please email to arrange alternative travel possibilities that would be offered on another day.