Conversation 3: Film and Motherhood 

Sat 16 Oct 2021 12–1:30PM

In this conversation, the complex and various relationships of, engendered by, and toward motherhood will be explored through documentary film and experimental video works selected by local and international artist-filmmaker-mothers. We will consider the roles and challenges of motherhood as explored through the diverse and culturally specific perspectives in a film and video program and as it intersects with being an artist/filmmaker today. A parallel screening of selected works will be available for participants to view in advance of our dialogue with the artist-mother-filmmakers. 

Film and Motherhood from Gabriela Aceves on Vimeo. (Transcript forthcoming)

Jules Koostachin
Nadine Valcine
Clare Yow
Preta Performance
Ghinwa Yassine
Maternal Fantasies

Participating Artists for Feature-Length:
Sylvia Morales
Lindsay McIntyre
Jules Koostachin
Anne-Marie Bouchard
Michele Kaiwá
Francisca Duran
Nathalie Lopez
Torill Kove

Participating Artists for Experimental Shorts:
Safira Moreira
Clare Yow
Ghinwa Yassine
Preta Performance
Erin Siddall
Navarana Igliorte
Lois Klassen
Nadine Valcine
Maternal Fantasies
Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda
Kathleen Hepburn

Exhibiting Artists (onsite screening):
Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty
Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda, Freya Zinovieff, prOphecy sun
Sarah Shamash
prOphecy sun
Freya Zinovieff
Performed by Sai Di, Jelena Markovic, Guadalupe Martinez, and Dalia Shalabi, Narration by Guadalupe
Anna Zoria