In Conversation: Alana Bartol & David Semeniuk with Kimberly Phillips

11 Sep 12AM to 31 Oct 2015 12AM

Saturday, September 12, 2015, 2:00 PM

Part of the Access' exhibition Far Away So Close: Part III

Access is committed to encouraging dialogue linking artists of different generations to one another and to the wider community. Part of our ongoing In Conversation series, this informal event will bring Alana Bartol and David Semeniuk, two of the exhibiting artists of Far Away So Close, Part III into discussion with Access Director/Curator Kimberly Phillips. Join us as we explore themes of landscapes, distance, longing and absurdity that are evoked by the works on view in the gallery.


Alana Bartol is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator from Windsor, Ontario, currently based in Calgary, Alberta. She is interested in ecology as a ‘life science’ that interrogates relationships between place and self, nature, and community. Her collaborative and individual works explore concepts of visibility and survival through our relationships with nature and each other. Bartol holds an MFA from Wayne State University (Detroit), where she developed and taught the first Performance Art course in the Department of Art, co-founded the first student-run gallery, and received a Thomas C Rumble Fellowship.

David Semeniuk is a formally trained scientist and a self-trained artist. His art practice addresses how the histories of capital and the production of scientific knowledge have influenced the production of photographic objects, the construction of meaning in photographic images, and the exhibition of photographic works. He is also interested in using art objects to investigate spatial and temporal scales of environmental changes, how we experience these changes, and ways of representing them. Semeniuk is based in Vancouver.

In Conversation: Kimberly Phillips with Alana Bartol & David Semeniuk from Access Gallery on Vimeo.