Crit Night

Sat 11 Mar 2023 5–8PM

Come to Access on Saturday 11 March from 5-8 PM for an informal critique night and material swap! Bring pieces you’re working on/have completed/are stuck with for a member-to-member critique to gain insight into what can be improved or is already successful. If you don’t have a piece to share—come to share your insight anyways! As an added bonus, bring some materials to swap and exchange with other members! Bring materials you no longer use/aren’t interested in and exchange them for materials you will use and inspire you to create. 

Light beverages and snacks will be provided. 

This event is for members of Access Gallery. Join here! Anyone is welcome to become a member for a once-annual price of $25. Members gain access to all future events for a year, a discount on publications at our gallery, and other privileges! By becoming a member, you are directly promoting the growth and dissemination of critical and contemporary creative practices in Vancouver.

Members who join in March receive a free tote bag & all members can buy Take Care packages for $50 during the month of March!