The Foreshore | Julie Chapple

Thu 16 Mar 2017 7–9PM

222 East Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC

RETRACING - we move forward through time

Julie Chapple 

In association with her investigations at The Foreshore, artist-in-residence Guadalupe Martinez will be hosting a series of events, this event by Julie Chapple being the first of four. Attendance is free.

A durational performance that explores the continuity and temporality of human experience. The figure acts in metronomic iteration through space inviting meditative contemplation and consideration of our particular moment in history.

Julianne Chapple's work explores surreal imagery, objecthood and memory utilizing the body as medium. Drawing on a history of performed movement including circus acrobatics and yoga as well as classical and contemporary dance forms, the edges of the body's mobility are explored and exploited often to the effect of depersonalizing and fragmenting the human form.

Chapple’s movement practice translates into performance combining choreography with text, sculpture, sound and lighting. The process is often a collaborative one, working closely with the performers or visual/sound artists to create the finished piece. Julie has made performance for traditional theatre environments as well as art galleries, outdoor sites and unconventional locations.

Her performance and video work has been presented extensively in Canada as well as Ireland, Italy and Germany. Most recently, she created a new work in residence at Edam Dance and was artist in residence at the Dance Centre in Vancouver for the 15/16 season. Julianne is also co-producer and sometimes curator of a small experimental performance series titled Shooting Gallery Performance, and sits on the board of directors for CADA-West.


The Foreshore is a year-long collaboration between Access Gallery and Other Sights’ for Artist Projects inspired by the deep influence of the waterways on our cities and societies on the West Coast.

The Foreshore is a place of unclear jurisdiction, and thus of contestation, friction, and constant movement. Those who dwell in this zone must continually adapt to a changing environment. The foreshore also conjures histories specific to this region: narratives of trade and exchange, habitation and nourishment, resistance and violent erasure. It might similarly evoke our contemporary lived situation in this place. Considering the potential of this zone as both concept and site, The Foreshore initiative asks the following: how do we generate conditions of emergence? How can we take up space differently? How do we support unruly practices and futures?


Other Sights for Artists’ Projects is a non-profit arts organization that develops new and unexpected exhibition platforms outside of the gallery context. Other Sights collaborates and shares resources with organizations and individuals to present artworks that consider the aesthetic, economic and regulatory conditions of public places and public life. For more information visit

Other Sights gratefully acknowledges the support of the British Columbia Arts Council, The Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 15, and private donors without whom this project would not be possible.