Judy, Judy Collective

Sat 13 Mar 1999 7–11PM

Judy, Judy Collective Book Project Launch & Readings March 13, 1999 7-11 pm @ Access Gallery


Judy is an annually published collection of writings that interrogate the stability of genre both on the written page and in the publishing of those pages. The latest installment consists of two parts. The first is a shrink wrapped collection of autonomous "books" by seven writers. Examples of the works include race theory printed on silk, ephemeral poetry in bottles, a series of "left-handed" poems bound in LP record sleeves, and a series of wood block tanagrams puzzles. Each of the writers contributions is unique so that no two copies of Judy is the same. The second version is slightly more traditional in contains comprehensive coverage of the divergent forms contained within the shrink wrapped version. Our editorial desire is for Judy to take its shape from the content and the needs of the writers who inhabit its space, tather than from the conventions that govern the genre of journals.