Opening: Nonlocal + Office Hours

Tue 21 Aug 2018 7PM


Brody Albert’s practice looks to the everyday environment around him and replicates objects—outdoor taco shop tables, iron fire escapes, the walls of freeway tunnels—whose presence commemorate evidence of torque, the passage of time, and collective mark-making, in stunning acts of mimicry. In Nonlocal, the vocabulary of quantum physics is engaged with a visual scene not-from-here, presenting a poetic understanding of the material world’s inherent intra-active reality. Under these circumstances, it becomes clear that even the most quotidian of objects are the result of myriad collaborating forces. Indexical in nature, Albert’s work speaks to the social, economic, and cultural features of the object’s original context; the art-object becomes quickly out of step with its subject as time passes, referencing a place and time which is both here and there, still present and already past.


BRODY ALBERT is a Los Angeles-based artist working in sculpture and installation. His work addresses the objects that shape, and are shaped by, social interaction. In the last few years he has exhibited at Nicodim Gallery, CES Gallery, Arturo Bandini, WAAP, Garden LA, VACANCY and UCLA’s New Wight Gallery. Forthcoming solo exhibitions include Roger’s Office, Los Angeles and the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena. He holds an MFA from the University of California, Irvine and a BFA from Art Center College of Design.


Accompanying the exhibition of Brody Albert’s Nonlocal will be an installation of Office Hours in Access Gallery’s PLOT space for the duration of the exhibition. Operated by Brody Albert and Nathaniel Klein, Office Hours is a nonprofit gallery and publisher initiated in 2013 in LA. Dedicated to the intersection of visual art and creative writing, their mission is to build an active dialogue between literary scenes and arts communities. After being forced out of their Arts District space in 2016, Office Hours took an itinerant position. Office Hours has mounted 9 exhibitions and produced 8 publications featuring the work of 30 LA artists and 19 writers.

In PLOT, Office Hours will feature an omnibus of their publications, along with a new video work titled Open Ocean by Nathaniel Klein, and a new publication by Brody Albert in collaboration with Rachel Paprocki, Miguel Espinoza and Michael Kennedy Costa. See more about Office Hours here.