Reading Event with Lauren Marsden and Elizabeth Milton

Sun 22 Jul 2018 1–3:30PM

Access Gallery, 222 E Georgia St., Vancouver BC

This event was inspired by the academic and pedagogical backgrounds of both the curator and the artists in Feathers, Ether, Sand, Speech. Seminar formats which encourage engaged participation allow for close analysis of selected texts while drawing on our own contexts - in this case, the works present in Access Gallery - with the aim of ameliorating our understanding of the artists' practices.

Lauren Marsden and Elizabeth Milton, both working artists and arts educators, will each provide a text to discuss. We will do a close reading and discussion of both texts in relation to the artworks in the gallery, and other ideas and concepts that may emerge through our discussion. Lauren and Elizabeth have chosen texts which have been influential to their practices and/or the participating artworks in Feathers, Ether, Sand, Speech.

The event is open to the public. Participation is encouraged but not obligatory. Texts are available via PDF, but previous knowledge is not necessary to attend the reading event. Printed copies will be available.



Rachel Carson, Chapter 1 of "The Sea Around Us," 1951.

Sianne Ngai, Chapter 3 of "The Zany Science from Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute and Interesting," 2012.

PDFs for both texts may be downloaded here.