Stephanie LeMenager 'In conversation' with Caitlin Chaisson

Mon 10 Jun 2019 7–8PM

Writer Stephanie LeMenager and curator Caitlin Chaisson addressing the relationship between narrative and energy through a conversation that touched on LeMenager's research into oil media, and more recently—hot media.

Artist Bio

Stephanie LeMenager's work on climate change and the humanities has been featured in The New York Times, ClimateWire, Science FridayCBCe-flux architectureand other public venues. She is Barbara and Carlisle Moore Professor of  English and Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, where she co-directs the Center for Environmental Futures with Professor Marsha Weisiger. Her publications include the books Living Oil: Petroleum Culture in the American Century, which defines the Twentieth Century United States as the era of "petromodernity," and Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities, a co-authored collection for teachers interested in bringing climate change into humanities classrooms. Her current book projects include To Speak of Common Places, an oral history of Oregon's public lands, and a meditation on rural American life in the shadow of climate change.


Photo provided by Caitlin Chaisson