Access accepts full submissions on an ongoing basis to be considered by the Director/Curator as time permits. Please submit proposals as a single zipped folder by email to

  • CV or short biography (maximum half page)
    • Tell us about yourself and your artistic practice. This short bio can include previous projects, exhibitions, and experience, and the context in which you make your work. Please also feel free to share with us any lived experiences and cultural contexts that inform your work.
  • Support Material
    • Up to 5 samples of recent work
    • Images – JPEG file only, 72dpi, 1024x768 px. Please include title, medium, date, and label each file, i.e 01surname.jpg
    • For video and audio files, please submit a URL to an online link – 5 minutes maximum
    • Critical reviews of past projects and professional references can be included but are not required. Weblinks are welcome, but please give us directions to relevant information.
  • Project description or letter of intent (maximum one page)
    • A detailed proposal for your project, or exhibition, describing what you wish to do and any special requirements for your work.
    • Tell us about your practice (the material and conceptual concerns that drive your work).
    • Describe the structure of your project (are you applying for an exhibition, in need of support for a social practice, planning a series of events, etc?) Include any specific needs from us including physical or technical requirements.

Due to the number of submissions and nature of our planning process, only proposals of interest will be contacted.

As this is often requested, please see our gallery floorplan, if it helps you in planning whether or not your work is suitable for the space. Please note that it is not necessary in your application to consider the floor plan at this stage of discussion.