Access stands with victims of anti-Asian racism

As a Board and Staff, Access Gallery denounces the ongoing racial violence towards Asian communities around the world. We send our care and support to those facing ongoing racial, gender-based, and sexualized violence.

Of those murdered in the 16 March 2021 shootings in Atlanta, six were Asian women. We are disgusted by how this act of violence is portrayed by the authorities and mainstream media—this was an act of white supremacist violence targeting women. We also oppose calls for increased policing in our communities, taking our lead from organizations who work with those for whom the intersections of race, gender, class, and sex work, mean that increased policing results in increased harm. 

Our hearts are with the communities and loved ones of the victims:
Xiaojie Tan;
Daoyou Feng;
Delaina Ashley Yaun;
Paul Andre Michels;
Yong Ae Yue;
Soon Chung Park;
Suncha Kim;
and Hyun Jung Grant. 

News of this anti-Asian and misogynistic violence brutally underlines the dramatic increase in anti-Asian racism and increased gender-based violence since the start of the pandemic. A recent report by the Chinese Canadian National Council (Toronto Chapter) found that 1150 incidents of racism were reported to Chinese community and advocacy groups in Canada from the start of the pandemic to February this year—40% of these instances were in BC; 60% of them targeted women. 

As an organization located in Vancouver’s Chinatown, we renew our commitment to learning about and working against systemic oppression within our organization and as individuals. Specifically, as part of our ongoing anti-racism efforts, we are working to improve language access/translation, in order to be more welcoming to our neighbours.

We invite you to learn about and support organizations doing incredible work locally. From supporting im/migrant sex workers, to foregrounding contemporary Asian art, to building connections for Chinese seniors, these organizations do important work and need your support.

Swan Vancouver
Centre A
Yarrow Society



在2021年3月16日美国亚特兰大枪击中被杀害的八名受害者中, 六位是亚裔女性。我们对官方和主流媒体对此案的描述感到强烈不满,因为这是一起赤裸裸的白人至上主义针对女性的种族暴力。我们反对在社区增加警力的建议,因为我们从一些与容易在种族、性别、阶级、或职业(如性工作者)上遭受歧视的群体合作的组织那里了解到,该举措会给这些弱势群体带来更大的侵害。


Xiaojie Tan,
Daoyou Feng,
Delaina Ashley Yaun,
Paul Andre Michels,
Yong Ae Yue,
Soon Chung Park,
Suncha Kim,
and Hyun Jung Grant。




Swan Vancouver
Centre A
Yarrow Society