Statement in support of Palestine 2023

Access Gallery denounces the ongoing brutalization of Palestinians by Israel. We stand firmly against all forms of racism, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic violence, and call for critical attention, awareness, and action against this ongoing colonial violence.

While Access Gallery is currently closed to the public, we stand in solidarity with the global general strike taking place this Friday, 20 October 2023. We have signed onto the Artists & Academics in Canada: Statement of Support for Palestine letter currently circulating.

We call on government leaders—local, national, and international—to condemn this ongoing violence, and cease diplomatic, economic, and military support of the Israeli government. Palestinians are asking the global community to pressure Israel to call a ceasefire and redress its systematic violations against them. 

The lack of a critical response from governments such as Canada, the US, and the UK, underscores our complicity in the colonial project. We encourage individuals to continue to build pressure by writing to government, petitioning news outlets, joining local protests, sharing statements of solidarity, strategic boycotting of Israeli-supporting companies/organizations, and donating to Palestine aid funds.