Becoming Invisible

Vicky Sabourin

10 Feb to 31 Mar 2018

Accompanying her exhibition Warmblood, Vicky Sabourin's newest work, Becoming Invisible, in on view in Access Gallery's PLOT space from February 10 to March 31, 2018. Taking falconry as its starting point, this work-in-progress is part of a multi-chapter project that includes performance, video, ceramics, and photography.

While Warmblood relies on Sabourin's visibility as subject, in Becoming Invisible, she addresses her own disappearance. Equine control relies on the rider's strength and direction, whereas when the falconer trains the bird of prey, they attempt to become as invisible to the bird as possible, allowing it to get accustomed to their presence. The human then slowly reveals themself to the bird on its arm, through breath, sound, and gesture. Each time the falcon flies, the falconer faces the risk that his prize may not return. While a rider and horse may act as one body, a falcon will never be tamed. Is this bending of the instincts of a wild animal to one's purpose the perverse pursuit of a Western desire to return to wilderness, or simply an attempt to control it?