Counterpoint: local hangouts

11 to 30 Oct 2003

Part of Electric City: A City-wide Festival Organized by the Vancouver New Music Society

Opening October 10th 8 pm with sound piece by Jeremy Isao Speier at 9 pm

everybody hz by Julian Gosper and Graeme McCaig.

Interactive installation.

Kinetics by Jeremy Isao Speier.

Acoustic installation and recordings.

Performances by Humdinger (Ryan Mitchell Morrison), Cowbell (Brady Cranfield), and Woolpower (Julian Gosper and Graeme McCaig) on Friday, October 31, 8 pm.

Access is pleased to present Counterpoint: local hangouts, multimedia and sound-based installation by Julian Gosper, Graeme McCaig, and Jeremy Isao Speier. Their work explores counterpoint rhythms and methods and incorporate musical elements with the interactive participation on the audience.

In eveybody hz, Julian Gosper and Graeme McCaig utilize a play list of pop sings circa 1970-1979 and a sensor to derive elements of each participant's individual biorhythm as a point to alter and interchange the existing notes. The soundscape explores the emotional landscape with which the world of pop sings and its audience operate. The listener's heartbeat, maniplated by the song, in turn, feeds its rhythms back to retranslate the song.

In kinectics, Jeremy Isao Speier explores the notion of the everyday remembrances if experience into acoustic sculptures of mechanic parts, images, and other collected objects. Through the act of collecting materials, the artist attempts to gain intimacy to the moments which otherwise could not be described as personal by exploring notions of nostalgia, and the idea and implication of secular icon in relation to utopian belief.