Robert Kozinuk

8 Sep to 6 Oct 2001

Opening Reception Friday September 7th at 7 pm

Part of SWARM2 an Evening of Artist-Run Culture, organized by the Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres

Robert Kozinuk is a media artist from Vancouver who works in a variety of electronic media: video; audio; computers; telecommunication; interactive electronics and transmission. He is best known for his work with low power radio transmitters which he has used in installations and performances.

Diffraction consists of numerous repeating images projected onto the surface of the floor within the darkened gallery. The images are taken from both naturally occurring and fabricated source: patterns found in nature such as a honeycomb or the growth structure of a pineapple or a pine cone; and human created patterns (both decorative designs like weaving or tiling); and scientific models such as the periodic table of elements or the designs of an electron.

The gallery floor, composed of hexagonal multi-color mosaic tiles, provides not only a surface for presentation but also an additional reference: The tile patterns, derived from the honeycomb and adapted for decorative use, and the projections interact to form composite images. Similarly, mathematical models like the Fibonacci sequence are found in both the growth structure of pineapples and certain wave diffraction patterns.

The medium of light & projected pixels also plays a role in this piece as the video patterns are enlarged and visible. The visibility of the patterns contrasts with some of the images such as the probability pattern of movement of an electron within at atom, which is not actually visible but nevertheless postulated as a specific design in order to comprehend it in the natural world. Through a technological medium, patterns of different origins and applications converge-forming a complex proposition about the nature of both scientific and cultural theoretical models.