Anke Moormann, Ziad Naccache, Alexandra Ranner

Curated by Mathieu Fraser-Dagenais

11 Oct 2008 to 10 Jan 2009

Open during regular gallery hours: 12-5 pm, Tuesday to Saturday, closed on holidays.

This exhibition is a project initiated by Mathieu Fraser-Dagenais that is comprised of responses by 3 artists to a 1:5 scale model and a short phrase.

The model is subject to series of definitions and images. One can categorize it as, on one hand, a formal model based on the definition of container space, fixed and autonomous, and on the other, the relative, evolutionary model with coexisting times and spaces. These two forms are not necessarily in opposition: sometimes, they complement one another or return one to the other. As a symbolic space, the model questions our relation with reality. It projects us into a hypothetical space where time is fixed. For the artists, it makes it possible to push back the material or financial constraints of a project. It is as much a platform for testing new ideas, as it is a way to present artwork.

For this exhibition, Fraser-Dagenais has asked three artists explore the possibilities of the model in a series of actions. Initially he created 3 models of imaginary architectural spaces that were given to the other participating artists along with the phrase: “The complexity of the model, from the prospective space to the absolute form”. These models gave information on the form, the design, the colours and the materials of the models shown in the exhibition. The three other participating artists then responded to these forms by creating small-scale physical interventions. These physically interpreted models were then reproduced by Fraser-Dagenais in 1:5 scale. The exhibition Elsewhere displays the 1:5 scale models according to each artist’s ‘proposed’ intervention.

Presented with the support of The Audain Foundation.