Kiona Callihoo-Ligtvoet, Khim Hipol, Marina Levit, Evan Robinson, and TwoSmudge

Curated by Dana Belcourt

6 Apr to 18 May 2024

Fields is a group exhibition which presents work from artists Kiona Callihoo-Ligtvoet, Khim Hipol, Marina Levit, Evan Robinson, and TwoSmudge discussing their experience of growing up, and growing into their identity. The coming of age genre has historically focused on cisgendered, heterosexual, white perspectives on what it means to grow up. Fields focuses on voices which are often underrepresented within dialogues of youth, childhood, and the uncomfortable experience of transitioning into adulthood. These narratives are explored and engaged with in different ways and through different mediums by each artist including photography, painting, beadwork, and print. The exhibition brings new perspectives into the coming of age narrative to include not just a transition from youth to adulthood, but perspectives on how each artist came into and express their ways of being and identity. 

By delving into their own personal experiences, histories, and archives each artist puts forth work concerning identity, youth, growing up, and being. Kiona Callihoo-Ligtvoet and Marina Levit do this through large scale paintings with clearly rendered figures. Evan Robinson mixes painting with cyanotype photography and illustration to capture an otherworldly creature. Khim Hipol uses a more traditional form of photography printed on fabric. TwoSmudge also utilises fabric as well as print and bead work to invoke feelings of place and identity in his work. Each piece shares a story unique to each artist developing contexts to the richness of identity and personal histories.