Gloom, Boom and Doom

Christian Kliegel

1 Apr to 6 May 2006

Opening March 31, 2006 at 8 pm @ Access

Access Artist Run Centre is proud to present Gloom, Boom & Doom by local artist Christian Kliegel. The work is projected to be on schedule for the opening reception on March 31, 2006. Christian will be providing a series of four News Releases issued each week with updates on the growth of the project, until the beginning of the exhibition.

Kliegel has taken his recent investigation into the stock market as a starting point for his work. The artist has lost a substantial amount of "paper money" in the recent market correction of Mineral and Energy Stocks on the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange simulator. As a result, Kliegel has sought advice from Charles Haynes, a stock analyst, architect, and publisher of This website predicts stock performances on the CBPE, NASDAQ and NYSE. As a part of the exhibition, the artist has asked Haynes to give an introductory lecture on investing in securities and the works of trading derivatives in lieu of an Aritist's talk.