On the Road

Sofie Sweger (United Net-Works)

Curated by Sofie Sweger (United Net-Works)

27 Feb to 10 Apr 2004

Opening Reception: Feb 26, 8pm - 11pm

Talk by Sofie Sweger, creator and director of United Net-Works: Feb 28 & 29, as part of the Gallery Tours for InFest starting at the Belkin Satelite at 1pm

Access Artist Run Centre is pleased to present "On the Road," a traveling archive of documentation and work of over 300 artists, artists' groups, curators, and arts and cultural workers from across borders. This project has been curated by United Net-Works, a Stockholm-based collective with a mandate to function as an "archive, network, and platform" for all arts professionals based in Stockholm and now, as an in transit project, around the world.

From 2003 to 2005, "On the Road" will travel to various locations inciting new submissions by artists and arts professionals through an open invitation. During the exhibition, you are invited to submit to the archive extending the already existing collection with materials about your current practices. For information on how to submit, please contact Access or visit www.unitednet-works.org.

"On the Road" has already been presented in Goteborg, Norrkoping, and Gavle and recently, at the RACA in Copenhagen and EHU Gallery in Minsk. "On the Road" will reach its first North American destination in Vancouver at Access Artist Run Centre.