In the Shadow of our Own Dust

Valerie Salez

2 to 6 Oct 2012

FAG Satellite @ Access Gallery

Reception and Performance: Friday October 5th, 8:00-11:00 PM

In a hybrid practice that combines ritual with drawing, sculpture, video and installation, Salez presents ceremony as the original social/relational art practice. She approaches the work from a point beyond political rhetoric. True accessing and re-connection with sacred realms cannot include political do’s, don’ts and boundaries. It belongs to everyone, everywhere and is as inherent a right as breathing. The artist does not view this as ‘new age’ but as a practice that is age old. Critical irony and the imposition of any one religious or spiritual doctrine is not found in her work. Instead it rises out of a primordial sense that reaches back so far it cannot be named. Blood and bones simply know it to be.

In the Shadow of our Own Dustis the fifth in a series of installations by emerging Feminist artists in conjunction with the FAG Satellite @ Access.


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