Yes, Sydo

Danielle LaFrance and Josh Rose

2 Aug to 18 Oct 2023

Yes, Sydo, Danielle LaFrance and Josh Rose’s group collaboration, explores how poetry and sound can meld into an alternative form using Homer’s epic Odyssey as its anchor.

LaFrance and Rose will start by leading a 6 month public reading/listening group that studies Emily Wilson’s translation of Odyssey, where invitees will collectively critique its cultural significance as it is intervened by other texts and sounds and presently unfolding contexts. The listening portion will present participants with music and sound to consume and consider: how they listen, what they are listening for, and how can reading and listening practices reimagine relations/consciousnesses. The reading/listening group will help the two produce foundational material for the intertextual sound component of Yes, Sydo

Previous events were held at SFU Woodwards, and Toast Collective, subjects of events and readings can be found online here, as can more information about the project, the forthcoming schedule of discussions, and a link to the shared reading folder.