Encyclonospace Iranica

Encyclonospace Iranica **

Encyclonospace Iranica **


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ISBN — 978-0-9869511-2-1

Text by Mohammad Salemy and Reza Negarestani

Edited by Rory Rowan

Accompanying the exhibition Encyclonospace Iranica, (Sept 14-Oct 26, 2013) curated by the curator-in-residence Mohammad Salemy, this publication elaborates the issues raised in the exhibition: with the emergence and widespread use of networked computers, they have played an irreversible role in transforming the evolving relationship between art, technology and the process of knowledge production. Featured in this publication are essays Navigate With Extreme Prejudice (Definitions and Ramifications) by Reza Negarestani and Exit and Exile: Telecomputation and Emerging Art from the Iranian Diasporaby Mohammad Salemy.