Safer Spaces Statement

Passed by the Board of Directors November 2018

We wish to make Access Gallery a fun, welcoming, and caring space for our visitors, artists, employees, and volunteers. If at any time you feel unsafe, please let an employee or volunteer know. Concerns brought to our attention both at or outside of an event will be taken seriously.

Participation in Access Gallery events is a privilege. We reserve the right to intervene and/or remove any person from the space who is creating or contributing to an unsafe environment.

Access Gallery will not tolerate any instance of discrimination or violent acts, which include but are not limited to:
racism, white supremacy
sexism/misogyny, heterosexism, cissexism/transmisogyny
ableism, ageism, sizeism, classism
and all acts of violence and harassment, sexualized or other. 

We believe and prioritize the voices of survivors and victims of sexualized violence.

Please direct any concerns to, which is monitored by both the Director/Curator and the Personnel Committee of the Board of Directors.