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2 August to 18 October 2023 / More



Wed 18 Oct 2023 6:30–8:30PM

Access Gallery Halloween Fundraiser

21 Oct 9PM to 22 Oct 2023 1AM


The word “plot” describes a small parcel of land, designated for a specific purpose. It refers to a sequence of events that drives a story. To “plot” can mean to chart one’s position, as on a map, or to devise a secret plan or scheme.

In light of the ongoing prevalence of COVID-19 and taking into consideration BC's public health measures, and the end of the worst of the flu season, we are moving to a policy where masks are encouraged at the gallery, rather than mandatory.

In light of the ongoing risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent new variants, and taking into consideration BC's public health measures, the Staff and the Board of Access Gallery have discussed our concerns and decided to continue our slow approach to our organizational health measures through

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Access Gallery is an artist-run centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a mission to create conditions of emergence for provocative ideas and work in the visual arts. We enable critical conversations and risk taking through new configurations of artists, audience, and community.