Making Room for Hope and the Sacred Through Poetry

Sun 08 Mar 2020 2PM


Jonina Kirton, Number 3 Gallery, and Emily Dundas Oke invite you to a poetry circle on March 8 at 2pm. You are invited to share a poem you love (by and admired poet or your own work). They will use these poems to guide discussions about healing and hope. The event will take place at Access Gallery at 222 Georgia Street. Please RSVP to


Making Room for Hope and the Sacred Through Poetry


What brings you hope? Is there room for the sacred in your life? These days many of us find our minds floundering as they are filled with to do lists and all that is wrong in the world. Even so for many hope still burns quietly inside, an inside voice it whispers to us and remains unarticulated.  It is afraid to come out into the open as someone will surely try to wake us up or shake us back into reality. It remains a spark when what it really needs is to be fanned, encouraged to shine brightly. After all hope and the sacred is where dreams live and we can't afford to ignore the role of dreaming a new future for ourselves and the world if change is what we seek. We may not be able to 'think' our way out of this place or even if we can perhaps our ability to think clearly or strategize is compromised by the stress it all brings. A time out with some poetry might just be what we need as for many it is poets and their mystical ability to bring us to the edge of what we think we know that awakens their own knowingness. The words, the sacred text of some poems invites us into the places where the intellect cannot enter, where the magic of dreaming still exists. 



This event is programmed in collaboration with The Capilano Review. 


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