you never get to the end of a circle

#3 Gallery + Emily Dundas Oke

Curated by Julie Mills and Julia Lamare

1 Dec 2019 to 31 Mar 2020

This winter, Access welcomes the project to PLOT, which will serve as an important hub for administration, planning, research and events for this otherwise spaceless entity, fostering new possibilities for their project. Emerging curator and artist Emily Dundas Oke will collaborate with #3 Gallery in their PLOT tenure; her work addressing intersections of embodiment, knowledge production, memory and territory. 

Thinking through various pedagogies that orient around non-hierarchical learning, PLOT will become a gathering space for conversation and collective analysis grounded in play, kinship, and context. #3 Gallery and Emily Dundas Oke will invite artists, activists and thinkers into a series of discursive programs. From gatherings quite intimate in size to larger events, programming will pose an opportunity to open up explorations in how we’ve come and continue to know our histories, many of which have begun and been maintained around the kitchen table.


#3 Gallery is a mobile curatorial project focused on initiating collaborations with emerging contemporary artists and spaces. As a satirical response to the lack of feasible real-estate spaces in Vancouver’s economic landscape, the portable scale of #3 gallery allows for exhibitions to travel and take place in a variety of contexts. Part design object and part curatorial concept, #3 Gallery has been situated in a rotating variety of contexts—from artists’ homes to contemporary art institutions. Exhibitions challenge and consider relationships to space, and question the ways in which access determines success and visibility.  #3 Gallery is curated by practicing artists Julie D. Mills and Julia Lamare. The project was conceived and designed in partnership with Logan Mohr and Pongsakorn Yananissorn.


Emily Dundas Oke is an emerging curator and interdisciplinary artist. A 2018 graduate of Philosophy and Visual Art (BA) from Thompson Rivers University, she has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards including the Ken Lepin Award of Excellence. Her philosophical research in epistemology guides her interest in works that deal with the production and retention of embodied knowledge and shared histories. She is currently a co-organizer of the Indigenous Brilliance reading and performance series and holds an FPCC funded Indigenous Curatorial Assistant position at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver. Emily has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been an artist in residence at Nida Art Colony (Lithuania), Ideas Block (Lithuania) and the Kamloops Printmakers Society (Canada).


Public events will take place between December and February. Details on public programs will be announced on a rolling basis, and up-to-date information can be found on Number 3’s website: