Tutma/Reading Group

20 Jun 7PM to 23 Aug 2018 9PM


Join ARTS ASSEMBLY in the PLOT space for a 3-part reading group as part of their upcoming collaborative exchange project, tutma. Further information about tutma can be found at https://www.artsassembly.ca/common-ground. For each session, please rsvp to info@artsassembly.ca, reading packs will be provided in a pdf. Please advise if you require a printed pack.


June 20th : support and resistance | destek ve direnç

This reading group will look at texts that examine collective modes of support and labour within the realm of art practice and community. The readings will range from support within artistic communities to social support and labour co-opted as artistic practice.


July 11th: to hold the body | vücudu tutmak

This reading group will investigate the body as a site of holding. The chosen texts account for grappling with direct and inherited memories, pain, and loss. Highlighting rituals and modes of understanding the ongoing negotiation of what we hold and how we hold through embodiment.


August 23rd: on istanbul | istanbul'da

Our final session will provide an opportunity to read from the texts and inspirations that Lara Ögel and Merve Ünsal used in working through Tutma on location in Istanbul.


ARTS ASSEMBLY is a not for profit community-centric arts organization that emphasizes artistic collaboration. Co-directed by Bridgette Badowich and Meichen Waxer, it was co-founded in 2016 by Brynn McNab and Meichen Waxer. With a focus on social practices and research, they aim to foster relationships between the community and professional artists, hoping to expand the notion of what art can be and do, and provide a high calibre of diverse and inclusive arts programming. ARTS ASSEMBLY seeks to fairly compensate artists for their work and research, and acknowledge womxn’s leadership in the creative community. They encourage work that doesn’t necessarily end in a product to be sold, but rather builds relationships between communities, allows for in-depth research, and creates unique experiences.