Announcing Access Pen Pal!

Pen-pal matchmaking is free to current members. Sign-up here! We will send you the address of your pen pal (along with some cute stationery to get you started) after that, it’s all you!

All matches will be made 2 ways, you will get someone’s address and someone else will get yours, creating the potential for 2 connections!

When joining in, please be sure to review our safer spaces policy on our website. As an "offsite" Access event, our Pen Pal matchmaking program will be held to the standard of our safer spaces agreement

Dear Access community,

I’m writing to you to tell you how much I miss you—even if we’ve never met… or haven’t yet. We’ve spent the past year in isolation without our usual openings, celebrations, and fundraisers—a constant source of warm buzzing energy. I mourn the potential of collision—of meeting someone new… Do you miss me too? When was the last time you connected with a stranger? The upcoming season feels hopeful, a vaccine is promised and eventually we will gather again—but until then, Access wants to help reclaim the potential for warmth, newness and connection...

We wanna set you up with a pen pal!

Introduce yourself or keep your identity secret, send an exquisite corpse, or play a snail-mail game! But most importantly, stay connected (at a safe distance).

Happy letter writing, with much love,

Jenn, Mairin, Marcus, Caroline, Gloria, Jocelyne, Ed, Del, and Katie