As BC numbers show a significant rise this fall, we're once again closing the gallery to support efforts to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19. We were fortunate to see Wanderings through to the end of it's exhibition run, and now head into a planned a downtime through December. Our PLOT residents, a collective of artists called YARA are developing a new online project, and we'll be working on two (non-exhibitionary) projects through the winter.

As a public space which holds our community valuable, we feel a responsibility to practice and promote collective care to keep us all as safe as we can. Let's do what we are able to in each of our lives to reduce the impact of COVID-19. We recognize that there are many people in this time who can't take such measures of self-isolation—those who work in essential services, aren't able to or supported in working from home, face economic or housing barriers, those for whom self-isolation isn't a safe option, and more. For this reason, we urge those of us who can, to stay home and to reduce your contacts to your households, as an act of solidarity and care for those who can't, for those who will bear the brunt of the impact on the health care system, and for those whose immune systems are most at risk.

❤️ support your immunity to support those more vulnerable than you. ❤️

Each year at this time, we'd be hosting our annual fundraiser. This project takes months of preparation and energy by board and staff, and the significant funds raised are crucial to our work. If you feel able to support Access as we head into winter, please consider donating, purchasing a tote bag (featuring Punchline by Elizabeth Milton) or publication to pick up at a later date, or simply join as a member

We look forward to seeing you when we can gather safely. Until then, reach us by email, and follow us on social media for updates.