PLOT announcement!

The word “plot” describes a small parcel of land, designated for a specific purpose. It refers to a sequence of events that drives a story. To “plot” can mean to chart one’s position, as on a map, or to devise a secret plan or scheme. Read more about PLOT here.

Access is re-evaluating our PLOT program, to make it more openly available to our membership on an ongoing basis. Set up as a a cozy “living room”, the PLOT space is now open for members to use as a gathering space during gallery hours. As an alternative to working in your own home, or for projects that require more collaboration and comfort than your studio may provide, PLOT is an inviting and warm house-like environment in which to comfortably get a few things done. The space can be used by members to work solo, or as a possible meeting space to discuss projects with collaborators. The PLOT space will also be equipped with dinnerware and cutlery, and can be used as a casual dining and living space. Come in to see the current exhibition, bring a book, and hangout a while!

PLOT space as a Members’ Benefit
Some Ideas for how you can use the new PLOT space:

  • Solo working space: PLOT has a desk and chair available for use, set up with a power outlet and task light.
  • Small meeting space: planning a collective project and need a cozy environment for your meetings? 
  • Member artwork showcase: feature wall available for rotating member’s artwork (we’ll send members details when this is ready to launch) 
  • Focused working space that feels like a home: since it isn't your home it may be easier to get into a work mindset. 
  • Dining space: we have dinnerware and cutlery available for use, so come join us for your lunch break! 
  • Space for introverts: comfy couch, reading light, and bean bags for reading/casually hanging out.

If this is of interest to you, and/or if you want to help support our work, please join or renew your membership!

PLOT space for Member Initiatives
Members are invited to pitch public events and activities to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Ideas: host a reading group, plan a peer-to-peer review session in advance of a grant deadline, have a potluck or a listening party!

The Access Gallery Membership Committee continues to host monthly events as we have through the spring (so far we’ve done crafts, a plant swap, a crit, and board games). If you would like to contribute your energy to this committee or volunteer for events, please get in touch at

PLOT Residencies
PLOT continues to be open to longer-term partnerships or residencies. Given budget and staffing limitations, we have found these projects to be most impactful when they arrive with their own independent grant or foundation funding. If you have a project you’re working on that you think the PLOT structure could support, please reach out well in advance to If your project is accepted, we will be happy to help you make it happen with editing and letters of support for your grant applications.