Selected artists for Exhibitions will be supported in the following ways:

Financial support

  • We pay fees in accordance with the current CAR/FAC Fee Schedule. 
    • Exhibitions receive (at minimum) CAR/FAC fees for Category 1
    • PLOT residencies receive (at minimum) CAR/FAC fees for small sites (20% of solo fee). 
    • Writers are paid $1 per word. 
    • Guest curator fees (for research, administration, and texts) are negotiated on a per project basis
    • artists are invited to present an accompanying talk, for which CARFAC presentation fees are also provided
  • We provide financial support for exhibition expenses that may include: installation costs, painting the gallery (other than our standard white), broadsheet printing, wall vinyl. Access does not pay for the fabrication of artworks, framing, or material costs related to the production of your work.
  • We aim wherever possible to support the artist in the execution of their project through travel and accommodation, childcare funds during installation if required, one-way shipping, and technical rentals.
  • We encourage selected artists to apply for travel and project funding to further support your work, and can assist with letters of support to various funding agencies.

Personnel support

  • The staff assists with installation of the exhibition and will bring in additional technical or installation support as needed within budget limitations
  • we will produce a curatorial text to accompany your show
  • The gallery hires a professional photographer to document installation shots and some details. Artists receive digital copies of these images. 

Safety and insurance

  • Artists will be briefed on safety procedures upon arrival at the gallery for installation.
  • Our Safer Spaces Policy applies to representatives of Access (all permanent and contractual staff, volunteers, board members, and any third party service providers including artists, subcontractors, and members) and stakeholders (audiences and participants in our events, including sponsors and donors). 
  • Access Gallery does not carry insurance against loss, damage, theft or destruction of artwork during storage or exhibition.


  • Publicity is the responsibility of Access Gallery, and typically includes Instant Coffee, broadsheets, press releases, our website and our social channels. 
  • Access staff is not responsible for seeking out critical reviews, but will assist in connecting interested writers and journalists with the artist for interviews as required.